ROSCON 2023 - Parameters Should be Boring

2 minutes (401 words)

§ ROS Parameter References

§ Elsie

The slides for this presentation were generated using a python library called Elsie. This is my second presentation I’ve created using this library and I am a huge fan. Here is a small snippet from the source of this presentation showing how I defined the header of each slide and the layout of the slides with code blocks.

def logo_header_slide(parent: Box, title: str):, y=40).image("picknik_logo.png")
    parent.sbox(name="header", x=0, height=140).fbox(p_left=20).text(
        title, elsie.TextStyle(bold=True)
    return parent.fbox(name="content", p_left=20, p_right=20)

def code_slide(parent: Box, title: str, language: str, code: str):
    content = logo_header_slide(parent, title)
    code_bg = "#F6F8FA"
    box =, width="100%", height="100%", p_bottom=20)
    box.rect(bg_color=code_bg, rx=20, ry=20)
       .box(x=0, y=0, p_left=20, p_right=20, p_top=20, p_bottom=20)
       .code(language, code)

You can find the full source of the talk slides here.

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